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Definition of polarizing personality

It loosens up what was stuck and gets things working again. Maybe you get mean. If you can extend the olive branch, there is a chance that a connection can be made. It perpetuates family feuds. There is no room to talk. When we demonize or idolize, we eliminate the middle ground. I think that is the hardest part.

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Definition of polarizing personality Definition of polarizing personality Definition of polarizing personality

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  1. Dec 8, - As the polarizing person becomes larger and larger than life, they tend to attract followers who form a cult of personality. This is what Max Weber refers to as “charismatic authority,” in which an individual's influence rests on their exemplary personal traits in a way that other forms of authority do not.

  2. Mar 30, - Why You Want to (and Should Be) Polarizing You can't be either of the two by withholding your honest opinions, your quirks, or your personality. . to my Jspanese partner the meaning of a person who is polarizing.

  3. Some react by adoration for someone prepared to speak out when so many others were prepared to 'let it go'. I guess that is the definition of polarising .

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