How to think like a sociopath. Error (Forbidden)

How to think like a sociopath

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How to think like a sociopath How to think like a sociopath

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  1. I recently had the chance to speak with neuroscientist James Fallon, Ph.D. whose book “The Psychopath Inside” came out this month. Psychopathy has been an.

  2. Mar 6, - In other words, it's crazy like a fox versus crazy like an axe-murderer. The former--cunning survivors who use every talent at their disposal to.

  3. Beat Procrastination NOW. The key to thinking like a psychopath is having the ability to separate from one's feelings. Set your goals, visualise the future, focus on achievement. Charm the pants off of them. Get the job done, right. Separate Behaviour and Emotions. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  4. Jul 6, - I strongly recommend reading The wisdom of psychopaths by kevin dutton. It discusses several aspects of what makes psychopaths so successful. Here are the  Is there a way I could make myself a sociopath or.

  5. Dec 9, - People who don't care—or don't need to care—what others think of them show how crucial reputation is to civilization. Understanding it could.

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